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When weather observation stations are moved, they typically take on a new name and new identification. This is necessary for ensuring the accuracy and validity of historical records. However, it also can make it difficult to find records for your location, since each city could have multiple stations with different periods of record, in different locations. Record Extremes contains all historical records from the National Climatic Data Center, and are shown on a "station ID" basis. A missing record means that in that station's lifetime, it didn't have the opportunity to record the location's record extreme.

Yesterday's U.S. Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Fullerton, CA NONE 85 °F
Immokalee Regional Airport, FL KIMM 89 °F
Fullerton, CA FUL 85 °F
Fullerton, CA KFUL 85 °F
Santa Ana, CA KSNA 84 °F
Santee, CA KSEE 82 °F
Santa Maria, CA KSMX 82 °F
Camp Pendleton, CA KNFG 82 °F
Long Beach, CA KLGB 82 °F
Miramar MCAS, CA KNKX 81 °F
City Station ID Temp.
Gunnison, CO KGUC -13 °F
Gunnison, CO KGUC -13 °F
Kremmling, CO K20V -5 °F
Alamosa, CO KALS -1 °F
Craig, CO KCAG -1 °F
Steamboat Springs, CO KSBS 1 °F
Jackson, WY KJAC 1 °F
Big Piney, WY KBPI 2 °F
Yellowstone, WY KP60 2 °F
Walden-Jackson Cnty AP, Wa, CO K33V 3 °F
City Station ID Wind Gust
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN 76 mph
Buffalo, SD K2WX 64 mph
Browning, MT K8S0 63 mph
Monarch Pass, CO KMYP 59 mph
Ellsworth AFB, SD KRCA 54 mph
Faith, SD KD07 54 mph
Philip, SD KPHP 53 mph
Hettinger, ND KHEI 52 mph
Winner, SD KICR 51 mph
Elk Mountain, WY KEHY 51 mph
City Station ID Precip.
New River, NC KNCA 2.52 in
Chester, CT KSNC 8.49 in
Quincy Muni, Quincy, FL, FL K2J9 7.25 in
New River, NC KNCA 2.52 in
Cherry Point, NC KNKT 2.34 in
Dare County Gunnery Range, NC K2DP 1.71 in
Hatteras, NC KHSE 1.71 in
Wallops Island, VA KWAL 1.63 in
Wilmington, NC KILM 1.57 in
Ocean City, MD KOXB 1.57 in
City Station ID Heat Index
Hilo, HI PHTO 89 °F
Keahole Point, HI PHKO 85 °F
Pompano Beach, FL KPMP 82 °F
  • Verified at 09:33 pm ET on January 24, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Wind Chill
Deadhorse, AK PALP -61 °F
Kuparuk, AK PAKU -61 °F
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr, AK PATQ -59 °F
Deadhorse, AK PASC -57 °F
Kaltag, AK PAKV -54 °F
McGrath, AK PAMC -51 °F
Barter Island, AK PABA -49 °F
Robert/bob/curtis Memorial, AK PFNO -48 °F
Barrow, AK PABR -48 °F
Bettles, AK PABT -47 °F
  • Verified at 09:33 pm ET on January 24, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
Yesterday's World Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Telfer, Australia YTEF 115 °F
Kedougou, Senegal GOTK 135 °F
Lucknow, India VILK 134 °F
Telfer Airport, Australia YTEF 115 °F
Telfer, Australia YTEF 115 °F
Newman, Australia 94317 111 °F
Paraburdoo, Australia 94316 111 °F
Meekatharra, Australia YPMR 110 °F
Wittenoom, Australia 94313 109 °F
Paraburdoo Airport, Australia YPBO 109 °F
  • Verified at 09:33 pm ET on January 24, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Temp.
Suhana, Russia 24136 -64 °F
Tutonchany, Russia 23589 -59 °F
Khabyardino, Russia 24525 -58 °F
Tura, Russia 24507 -58 °F
Kerbo, Russia 23699 -57 °F
Kuz\'movka, Russia 23788 -56 °F
Saskylah, Russia 21802 -56 °F
Agata, Russia 23383 -56 °F
Ilirnej, Russia 25248 -55 °F
Kislokan, Russia 24606 -55 °F
  • Verified at 09:33 pm ET on January 24, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
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